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A view at matter under the picoscope

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We are still far from having a rational theory of light and matter that is in accordance with the facts!... We have far more experimental material than we need. Albert Einstein, 1952

My Personal Objective

Contribute to a major change in the comprehension of Nature I believe only a bold speculation could help us to progress, and not an accumulation of experimental facts.Albert Einstein, 1952

My Contribution

Bring up critical and constructive reflections on physics concepts that help opening new ways in physics research.

Making sense of Quantum Mechanics NEW! Powerpoint presentation with rotating arrows
QM and Observation on Macroscopic Arrows   Quantum rules are also valid for ordinary objects of the macroscopic domain
Rotating Vector Model for Fundamental Particles   Derivation of the particles wavefunction with the help of a rotating vector
The Concept Of Inertia   In the Rotating Vector Model, inertia proceeds from pure mechanical considerations on massless particles
Reconsider Matter   Text published in Fusion n░75, march-april 1999
Single photon refracts   An alternative view on refraction
EPR Controversy   The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen debate in the light of a materion model

Try it out !

The physical materion model helps to view quantum phenomena in a deterministic way, from a very reduced number of assumptions. Program simulation illustrates this assertion.  

Assumptions   Fundamental assumptions
Collision simulation   Java routine with collision simulation between two materions


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